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On-arrival training

2018. december 15. 12:05 - Mokos Béla

I spent one week in Villa Elba, Kokkola with other 45 volunteers who arrived to Finland around September. We stayed in cottages and it counted as working hours. We had great three trainers and heard lots of interesting and useful things about EVS, saw some presentations, had great conversations with the others and I could make new friends I kept in contact with. But anyway, it was a great team and we are planning to come together at Christmas for some days.

We had food and also evening snack in the white building, and we played music together, a lot of guys could play the guitar and we sang songs. We made a camp fire also.

We had a challenge wall and everybody could challenge everybody for example the guy from Germany went to swimming in the early morning with the guy from Czech Reublic to the sea. And the winner could take the name to the newt level. For ‘excellent prizes’.

There were two escape rooms and we had fun there. Also who wanted could try canueing but there was not so good weather so I skipped it. There was the big map of Finland and everybody could write their names and stick to the staying place.

Once we went on foot to the sea because it was near about 20 minutes and we went cross the forest it was so windy and beautiful.

We visited an old Sweedish village and that was awesome there was a really tiny house and lots of rocks but also a church and shop. We had funny tourist guide.

One day we spent in Kokkola and visited a house museum and two women dressed into traditional finnish clothes. Also visited the theatre of Kokkola where Nina works, it was cool, I like theatres and we could see the workshop places. It is the red building.

We ate a lots of pizzas and Villa Elba paid. We could make our own ice creams.

Tihanyi Panka Finnországban önkéntes az Erasmus+ program támogatásával.

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